Friday, March 13, 2009

little highway lights, they shine.

hey, check out this thing i embroidered! it's a map!

sorry for the kind of crummy picture, but i am a kind of crummy person. ;]

the process:
- first, i painted a weird picture of pieces of maps from google, that i pieced together myself. it's made up of places i go and places i live and places where people i love live.
- next, i scanned that image and played with the colors in photoshop. then i printed it onto cotton using a huge printer. it's probably the most intimidating piece of technology i've ever worked with. brittany makes it look so easy.
- then, i embroidered the hell out of it.

now you're up to speed.
there's still like, a teensy bit of embroidering left to do, i have to put the legend in and a compass rose. then i plan on silkscreening some landmarks and things all over this baby. so it looks like a map of something and not just roads going everywhere. i guess i better get a move on.

here's a close-up. i really dig the colors.

goals for the weekend:
- transfer drawings on to cotton for collaboration project.
- finish liberal arts stuff(almost done anyway).
- finish embroidery on this map, draw out symbols for silkscreening.
- ride my bike!
- stay away from the internet/my computer in general. ha.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

just a note:

we had the window open in the living room today, and it brought in this amazing rainy day smell, and that coolness mixed with the heat from the radiators made it feel like summer in here, and i loved it.

now, the wind is blowing kind of fiercely, so fiercely, in fact, that it is making creepy noises outside of the windows up here on the eighth floor. we had to shut the window because of the noise, and because the wind knocked some stuff off of stephanie's desk.

starting anew.

maps., originally uploaded by mushabear.

so, here we go. here i go, rather.
blogging once again.

so, anyway. i'm a little fried. i've been working on business practices and crafts portfolio work all day. so much for spring break, right?

i am still a little apprehensive about the whole portfolio class thing, i feel like i am losing too much time in major studio. but, i guess i will have a really strong resume and portfolio by the time this is all over, so that will be nice.

here's something i've been finishing up, there's a lot more embroidery done on it now. i still have to finish the legend and silkscreen it. cool beans, i know.

for the rest of the week, i have more embroidery, silkscreening, batik(if i can cram it in), ceramics work, and a little bit of fun. only a little bit, though.

alright, time to call it quits for today.